Are Asians White Supremacists?

TWITTER – Tila Tequila poses with two others while performing the Nazi salute at a conference of “alt-right” white supremacists..

Definition of a white supremacy

White supremacy or white supremacism is a racist ideology based upon the belief that white people are superior in many ways to people of other races, and that therefore, white people should be dominant over other races. – Wikipedia

The culture

Some view Asians among the most racist persons on the planet, because of the social norms they have when it comes to color of the skin and their obsession to have a whiter skin.

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In Asia, the whiter you are the richer and more attractive you look. To the point, that they do bleaching commercials where success goes hand in hand with white skin. Their society will look down on the darker Asians. The dark skins are viewed as poor and dirty. So, for the Asian – N***** not to feel like a N***** in his country he needs to buy bleaching cream to look whiter. Actually, according to surveys, 4 out of 10 women uses bleaching cream.

Note: It’s funny that westerners who fit that whiteness the asians love some much tend to complain about being to pale and usually go to tanning salon or warmer countries to get a tan. While Asians are doing the opposite.

In Malaysian, Men prefer their women to be a lighter skin. They have those beauty standards they call Eurasian. This is extremely sad, it literally means that they wished that their countrywomen were European mixed, not 100% Malaysian.

Eurasian: A Eurasian is a person of mixed Asian and European ancestry. 


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You got my job but I got you crush  🙂

If you go on, you will see the truth about Asian women. You will find that there are 3 types of Asian women:

  1. The one looking for white men only. (Predominant)
  2. The one looking for Asians or with men
  3. The ones looking for anything but black
  4. The ones with no racial preference (They belong to ones of the 3 above, they simply don’t want to cause drama.

While Asians are becoming a economical force not to recon with. They are losing their women to the white men lol

One of their excuses, for not dating Asians, is that Asian men have bad personalities.

Note: Obviously Online Dating does not represent all asian women or simply women in general. Women who uses online dating are always looking for something specific and are generally closed minded. You shouldn’t be surprised if some of them are acting bitchy. The real gems out in the real world and the online simply have trouble meeting people in person sometimes because of their profession or simply because they have a shitty personality lol. Well that’s my two cent of online dating.

Even their technology encourages white washing


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Companies like Samsung and Huawei are big phone makers and in their camera app they have a feature called beauty mode. But we all know what are asian bullshit standards for beauty which looking as white as possible. Therefore, when beauty mode is activated it makes look more white. At least Samsung’s beauty mode is optional, but Huawei, those fuckers, forces you to use it. Even if deactivated, the phone camera will still paler your skin. Which is offensive to people who like their complexion and most people who got their new phone P20 Pro are dealing with that issue. Not everyone want to be look like Koreans or Chinese that bleach their skins so they can look like a bag of milk.


Do Asians hate themselves?

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Not necessarily, they tend to be very proud. But, that white obsession makes it look like they do.

  • They treat white foreigners (Who did you terrible things!) better than some of your own people because of the colour of the skin.
  • Their social norms make their own people bleach their skins to look whiter.
  • Some of them have surgery to have rounder eyes.
  • Some of them date white men exclusively. (When your own isn’t worthy…Ouch the feels)

Are asians white supremacists? Yes, they are. It’s factual.

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