2018 – Everybody hates Black People including Black People

Public Representation

Black people possibly have the worst PR on that forsaken planet. They have doctors, lawyers, juges, millionaires, actors, successful businesses, banks and they even a black doctor that’s working on a cure for cancer killing cancer cells using lasers.

But, either no one cares or no one knows.

Like the humorist Chris Rock said there are two kinds of blacks:

  • Black People
  • Niggas (Niggers)

Black People are the ones with jobs, education, businesses and that trying very hard to show the world that black people can be smart and educated

Niggas . are the cancer of the black community and unfortunately for the blacks it’s the one that has most media coverage. These are the ignorants and thirsty guys that fuck shit up for the other blacks. Jobless, gangsters, welfare collectors, whiners, deadbeat dads, rappers (not good ones), etc. These guys do their best to make sure that the black people have the worst image possible. They are the byproduct of the racist slave owners and their decedents that broke their lineage and pretend that they had nothing to do with this outcome. Segregation, destruction of black wall street, the importation of drugs in their neighbourhood to fuck them up.

I’m not defending the niggas but let’s be realitistic you can expect a group that have been beoken for generations to go on the straight path right away and the fact they are viewed as criminal doesn’t help.

The blacks trying very hard to distance themselves from the niggas by getting good jobs, going to school and other things.

The Niggas hate the blacks and the blacks hate Niggas


I previously shit on the asians for being white supremacists and now I’ll shit on blacks too for it.

Regardless of being a black or a Niggas, colour matters! You have 4 colours:

  • Dark skin (called midnight, darkness, burned up, carcoal, invisible in the dark, teeth in the black and many other color slurs… Yes, those slurs are mostly used blacks/niggas)
  • Brown skin ( Nether dark or light just in between, not part of that light vs dark skin bullshit)
  • Light skin (These are motherfuckers that usually viewed as pretty. Blacks and girls from other ethnicities find them attractive)
  • Mixed kids (Some of denies their black heritage until a racist reminds them of it by called them niggers)

In some countries, the light skins are viewed as the upper class and the beautiful. Colourism is deep that sometimes you will see or hear black women looking for a white to marry and have mixed kids. Yes, they will literally say mixed babies are sooo beautiful, literally saying they wear ugly as fuck when they were kids.

Asian’s Perspective

Asians are white supremacists, they look down on their own people for being tan and sometimes would rather date only white as corpse asians or a whites only. You can easily guess that since black are the other side of that spectrum they clearly all blacks are poor, dirty and ugly. You have exceptions like filipinos, thais and other dark skin asians that seem to be less or not much of white supremacists.

European’s Perspective

Shit varies over there. Some sees black as something exotic and other just don’t want anything to do about it.

Black’s Perspective

Fucked up. They have a fucked up perspective. You have black guys  who don’t find black girls attractive at all. You have black women who won’t date black guys. Both are found of the caucasians.Then, you have those only wants to brothers and sisters.



Girls and some guys play the game: “Not it” lol

Some girls will literally right not interested in dating black men. Some black girls will write looking for a “insert non black ethnicity here” So most of that leaves black men with the following type:

  • Girls who wants to know what it is like to have sex with a black
  • Girls who love black culture and wants to date a black (not as common)
  • Leftovers (fatties, oldies, uglies, trans women, girls that have been stumped on the face as a kid, etc) all the women that no other straight guys would be interested in dating
  • Couple/cuckold who wants to see be entertained by a BBC
  • Open minded girls (everybody wants those lol)

In Person

That is the best alternative for everybody. It leaves it to a first impression and hoping that the girls parents are not racists!